Rita Hayworth 1940s Hair Wave Tutorial and Vintage Movie Night – Gilda!

Happy Holidays everyone and welcome to vintage movie night!  Today I’m featuring a Rita Hayworth 1940s hair wave tutorial and Vintage Movie Night.

The 1946 film noir Gilda catapulted Rita to bombshell status and inspired this fantastic tutorial brought to you by LisaFreemontStreet <—–  Make sure you subscribe to her channel as she has some fantastic pinup hair tutorials!

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For those struggling to get Rita Hayworth’s sultry 1940s hair waves, this tutorial is for you!  I have also included Lisa’s fantastic pin curl tutorials below.

And for your inspiration, here’s the movie that made Rita Hayworth a femme fatale – Gilda!

Click the [ ] icon on the bottom right area of the video to view at full screen.


1940s Hair – Pin Curl Tutorials:

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